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In creating Confluence Coaching, Amanda’s mission is to support, motivate and inspire people whose journey through life involves change – new jobs, working with new teams or cultures, moving to new countries, developing new leadership styles, managing new priorities, new life stages or challenges to their health and well-being.

Amanda is an experienced coach, accredited by both the International Coaching Federation and the Medical Coaching Institute, with a background in international corporate human resources. Building a strong rapport with her clients is important to Amanda and clients say they find her coaching style supportive, calming and positive.

Through her coaching, Amanda encourages clients to reframe challenges, seeing them from different perspectives and facilitating balance between logical thought, emotional input and physical impact. Clients are supported to reach well considered and balanced solutions while taking care of their well being and personal resilience.

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Confluence Coaching aims to play a pivotal role in supporting individual and teams through change, building resilience and bringing people together. While this process can be challenging, the objective is always to have delighted clients, supported on their journey, stronger and more resilient as a result of working with Confluence.

“People have told me I’m like a different person – coaching switched something on in me I didn’t know existed – more outgoing, emotionally aware and engaged.”
– Medical coaching client, July 2018

“Amanda’s calm and positive approach helped me step back and evaluate my intended strategy from a different perspective, which led to a better solution and outcome.”
– Senior executive, Pharmaceutical Industry, June 2018

“Coaching with Amanda made me realise I was burning out and needed to prioritise my well being in order to operate more effectively at work and in leading my team.”
– Manager, Healthcare Industry, July 2018