Confluence supports Boards, Senior Leaders, Teams, Emerging Talent and those committed to personal development on their journey through change.  Solutions include:

  • 1:1 Developmental coaching programmes to support people moving into new challenges or developing new skills and leadership styles (typically working together on a fortnightly or monthly basis over 6 months).
  • 1:1 Impact coaching programmes designed to address very specific needs (typically working together fortnightly over 3 months).
  • Medical coaching programmes tailored to individuals, providing support in handling acute or chronic medical conditions.
  • Mentoring programmes for HR professionals.
  • Cultural workshops promoting understanding and adaptability in multi-cultural teams.
  • Cultural assessments, using the Global Mindset Inventory.
  • Personality profiling for development, for example using Hogan Assessments with follow up coaching programmes.

Every client is unique whether corporate team or individual. We begin with a Discovery session, to understand the journey’s starting point, route and destination.  A contract is built to ensure everyone understands the nature of the coaching relationship, purpose of the intervention and how success will be measured.  The coaching relationship usually develops over a 3 or 6 month timeframe with clear objectives, actions and feedback built into the process.  A final destination meeting is held to summarise progress made, agree future pathways and follow up.

Interventions such as coaching must be built on mutual trust and chemistry and everybody who works with Confluence will have the opportunity for a discovery session to ensure that the chemistry and expertise is the right fit.